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  • How to Set up A Mobile Office

    Intermodal or storage containers are big rectangular-shaped steel boxes utilized for carrying goods. People purchase them from container providers for a specific price. Nowadays, the prices of these containers range from $1,500 to $3,200. The price usually depends on the size and quality of the container.

    Storage containerBelieve it or not, storage containers are not just used for storing and transferring freight to various places. They are also used for constructing houses and even offices. If you’re planning to setup a mobile office using a container but you’re not sure how to do it, the guide below will help you build one successfully.

    1.Decide whether you want a temporary or permanent office

    Before you look for a shipping container provider, decide first whether you want a temporary or a permanent office. If you’ll just use the office for a certain period of time (e.g. for 4 months only), it is best to rent a shipping container instead so that you can save money. If you prefer an office that you can use for several years, then purchase a container.

    2.Inform your staff about your plans

    After deciding whether you’ll rent or buy a container, don’t forget to tell your staff about your plans so that they can prepare and do some necessary actions. Aside from researching on rules on how to build a shipping container office, they might even help you find a container provider that will help you build your own mobile office.

    3.Look for an intermodal container seller

    Once you’re done informing your staff about your plans of setting up a mobile office, start looking for a container provider. Use the internet to search for a dealer. Pick a company with high-quality storage containers and positive reviews. It will be great if you can find one that has special offers (e.g. discounts).

    4.Find a location for your office

    Before you buy a container from your chosen seller, find an office location first. It must be a place that is accessible to many people. If your company is involved in construction, pick a location that is a little far from the construction site to avoid accidents.

    5.Buy the container

    After looking for an office location, the next step that you should do is to buy a container. It’s up to you to decide whether you’ll go for used containers or the new ones. New storage containers are a little bit pricey compared to used ones.

    6.Check and fix your mobile office

    Once it arrives to your doorstep, don’t hesitate to check the container. Search for cracks and rusty areas. If it has a lot of problems, fix them immediately. After fixing your container, insulate and decorate the walls. Paint the outer and inner part. Ask help from an electrician to fix the lighting and electricity source.

    7.Purchase office and safety equipment

    After decorating the container, start purchasing equipment for your office. Buy furniture, printers, and computers. Make sure to prioritize your workers’ safety as well. Purchase alarms and fire extinguishers. If your office is near a construction site, don’t forget to buy safety gear for your workers.

    8.Get necessary permits

    You can’t start your operation without permits. Before you open your office, get the necessary permits first. Go to the state office and ask the staff about the requirements in order to get certain permits. Prepare the documents needed, fill up the required forms, and wait for your application to be processed.

    9.Start using your portable office

    Once the state office gives you a permit to operate, you can start using your mobile office. Make sure to follow your state’s rules on the use of container buildings to avoid experiencing certain problems.