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  • When can you use Embroidered Patches?

    So you are looking for something to identify your team/group with, and you don’t want to use pins (getting pricked every time is really not fun) or lanyards (no ID cards?). Why not embroidered patches? Given enough space, they can make any uniform or garment unique to the group they represent.

    1. Bikers

    Those jackets and pants have a lot of space for some cool patches, don’t they? Design your group’s very own patch and have them made by expert designers housed by the many stores out there. Also, many of them have galleries for you to get an idea of what elements you can incorporate in your design.

    2. Sports

    Baseball, basketball, football, whatever sport you play, embroidered patches can sure make your “easy to move in” sportswear more like legitimate uniforms than anything else.

    3. Scouts

    Custom embroidered patchesWe all know the scouts’ preoccupation with patches. This also includes camps and other such activities. Ramp up the cooperation and competitiveness in your wards by offering uniquely designed reward patches. Honor newly inaugurated members by the awarding of a scout’s patch that is made only for resident members.

    4. Civil Service

    For service institutions outside the uniformed ones, patches are the next badges of identification. This can be placed on the uniforms or on more casual shirts. It can also be tagged on items/tools that belong to your service.

    5. Military

    For groups within the uniformed protectors of this country, nothing beats customized patches in showing their team pride. Plus, the amount of symbolism that can be packed into the patch elements can take off into a whole new conspiracy theory on its own.

    6. Schools and other Institutions

    Having the school patch made is something that is very common. Long before the logos can be printed straight to the uniforms, patches are the thing.

    7. Clubs

    Having a patch design unique to your club feels really good. To be placed on their uniforms, merchandize (like bags, pouches, etc.), and other club-members-only items, embroidered patches takes exclusivity to a whole new level. It doesn’t matter if you’re the Literature or the Photography Club, your group deserves the patch.

    8. Collection

    If you liked having patches made for achievements, memorable events or milestones in your life, it’s great to have an option to have them rendered in patches. You can place them on velvet displays or stark flags on your wall to display your awesomeness! If you liked collecting patches, then that’s even more awesome!

    9. Events

    By marking your giveaway products with the event’s custom made patch, you’re sure to make your event memorable to all receivers. Plus, you can also use the patches to mark the clothes of the staff and crew, even if you allow them to deviate a little from the old boring one-kind-only uniforms.

    10. Establishments

    With global warming well on its way, less formal uniforms for establishment staff and crew are being promoted. Casual clothes coordinated across all employees are getting more popular. If you still want to be identifiable, even walking out on the street during a break, why not use embroidered patches instead of IDs or nameplate pins?

    11. Product Brand

    Like a certain clothing brand that uses a man on a horse with a stick, you can also use patches to mark your merchandize. This could be placed on shirts, pants, shoes, bags, table napkins, or anything else. As long as the size is appropriate, of course.

    If you can think of some other use for this old-school, but awesome, patches, you can start the trend and have them embroidered! Patches come in all sort of colors, shapes and sizes. Take advantage of this and have your design quoted, now!