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  • Using Badge Lanyards When Working With Children

    There are many different scenarios when working with children that require a badge lanyard to be present with an ID hanging from it. Having trustworthy people working with their children is the top concern of parents in the childcare and school system. The adults who watch over and teach children during the day need to be responsible and caring, being sure to always wear proper identification, especially when taking their students on trips outside the daycare or school.

    Going on a field trip with students can be exhausting, more so when the students are young. Teachers and care providers have to keep on their toes at every point throughout the day to make sure that they keep their students safe. When going on huge school field trips, it is extremely important for teachers and providers to wear badge lanyards with ID on them. Students who may get separated from their group and have to find a teacher need to be able to properly identify and trust other teachers from their school who can take them back to their group.

    Badge LanyardsAnother example is when you have assistants or parent helpers in your classroom. Encourage your principal to enforce all of the teachers and assistants to wear badge lanyards with properly showing IDs. It is a tactic that will make everyone feel at ease when they know that everyone who is in the building, belongs in the building. Parents would be ecstatic to know that their children are constantly in the supervision of teachers and assistants who are always making sure that the people they come across are allowed in the area. It is a key measure taken to ensure the safety and well being of the students, and the teachers and assistants as well!

    Badge lanyards made by wholesalelanyards can also be a tool to use in the classroom to help with young children who are learning to read.

    Ask the young children to call people who they don’t recognize by his or her name that is written on the badge. Encourage the children who see any unfamiliar teacher to politely ask them help properly sound out his or her name. Also, as another fun activity, a teacher could ask her students to help her pick out the decorations for her badge lanyard at the beginning of every school day. Students will be excited to help their teacher choose from a box of fun pins to put onto the lanyard.

    One activity that young children would absolutely love is to bring out a box of badge lanyards for them to choose from. Have different cards attached to each lanyard, and have the students act out the characters or scenarios depicted on the card. There are many different ways to incorporate fun activities with badge lanyards, all the while enforcing the thought in students’ minds to only trust teachers and assistants who wear the schools IDs on their lanyards.

    Finally, have each teacher and assistant display their IDs is a good way to have all of the staff connect with each other. Colleagues will call each other by name easily, and will feel more secure in their work environment. Teachers who feel safe will transfer that feeling to their students, ultimately leading to a less stressed work place.

    Having students, parents, assistants, and teachers feel safe and secure in their school is a crucial thing for the administration to enforce. Safe environments encourage better teachers and happier students. Parents will have more faith in the school they rely on to protect their children, and the children’s safety is the most important thing of all.